Shymkent NIS PM 12 Grade student Kuanysh Maden has registered his invention “Robot-sweeper.” He was working hard for 2 years to achieve his goal. To obtain the copyright for this work, he wrote a special technical abstract, formulas and schemes in 2017 and applied to the National Institute of Intellectual Property. They approved the invention only in August 2019. Interestingly that the idea of creating this came to Kuanish when he was late to school.

“The idea itself came unexpectedly. Everything was just like it always was that day. I drove to school this morning, but I got in a traffic jam and I was late for lessons. Later I found out that the reason for the huge traffic jam was the pipe block in the city main street – Kunaev Avenue. Then I thought, why don’t we make sure the pipes could be cleaned without creating such road collapses. And I decided to act. “- says Kuanysh.

He has been working hard for two years in School Robotics Club. At the end he achieved his goal and won bunch of prizes in different competitions. Today the robot-sweeper is recognized all around Kazakhstan and even abroad.
“My work is appreciated in many competitions. For example, at the Republican contest 3.2.1. START I took the first place and won a cash prize in the amount of 1 million tenge. And in China, among 60 countries participated, I became the second in the category Engineering Science. “- said the young scientist.

Now Kuanysh’s dream is to bring his invention to life, and benefit all people in Kazakhstan. Of course, he needs funds to do that. It costs about 3-4 million tenge to assemble one robot.