School mission

To educate an intellectual, healthy global citizen with high moral values who has mastered modern learning skills.

School values

Respect for self and others: This involves the adoption of a healthy lifestyle in mind, body and social relationships. It also involves respect for one’s own culture and language and for other cultures and languages, for law and morality and for diversity of opinion.

Co-operation: This includes the development of caring relationships. It involves building co-operative skills, and the development of a constructive attitude, and bringing critical thought to bear in relationships.

Responsible citizenship: This includes patriotism. Responsible citizens are honest, constructive and engaged citizens who bring integrity, critical thought and diversity of opinion to community building and protection of the nation and the environment. They speak Kazakh and Russian and a third language.

Academic honesty: respect of ideas and thoughts of others; observance of principles of academic honesty, intolerance to plagiarism and copying of information without reference to its source.

Lifelong learning: This begins with the development of a love of learning characterised by curiosity, creativity and criticality, and by the on-going development of mind, body, relationships and character. It involves the development of a set skills and habits that promote on-going autonomous learning.

Transparency: This involves providing easy access to information such as School Development Plans and making learning objectives and assessment procedures visible. It also means mutual visits to lessons (critical friends), interviewing and questioning.

Labour and creativity: education of respect for work of others, increase the motivation to work, individual and collaborative work skills development, independent research and creative presentation of work skills development, the ability to find non-standard and  creative approach to find the solution to current issues.

Strategic goal of the school


Our school graduate is a

  • patriot of his/her country who respects the people of his/her own country, as well as the culture and traditions of the peoples of the world;
  • this is a creative and critically thinking person, life-long learner;
  • he or she knows scientific cognition of the world, speaks three languages, owns global citizen skills
  • he or she has and consciously promotes a healthy lifestyle.

 Strategic objective

realization of the innovation-educational environment through the implementation of new approaches in teaching and learning.

Strategic aims

  • realization of integrated educational programs and teaching materials for the secondary and high school;
  • creating of an educational environment which forms a fully developed personality who leads and promotes a healthy lifestyle;
  • realization of an improved model of criterial assessment;
  • involvement of parents, community, local executives and other public organizations in the school`s activities;
  • NIS experience extension to the secondary education system.

Internationalism and interculturalism are friendship and cooperation, mutual understanding, respect between people and different cultures

Global Citizenship Education (GCE) means developing the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes of citizens needed for securing a world which is more just, peaceful, tolerant, inclusive, secure and sustainable.