-Monitoring of  7,8,9 grade students educational achievements

-Mock tests for  10-11 grade students

– Seminar for teachers on studying  training programs and  assessment system

– Joint meeting of methodical departments for planning and drawing lessons on cross-cutting themes, selection of strategies and methods, forms of evaluation

– Conducting integrated lessons

– Conducting open lessons on formative assessment

–  Dissemination of experience

– Week of the international experience

– Week of English language

– Week of geography and economics

– Open Day

– Parents meeting on the results of  3 term

– The week devoted to Day of unity of the people of Kazakhstan

– “Creative Flight” project

– A sports contest for the  school staff

– “Scientific Thursday” project

– Health and safety month

– TEDx conference

– The social event of “Bookstar” devoted to the world Day of the book

– Festival of extracurricular activities and clubs

– Day of literacy: Total dictation

–  Anti-terrorist preparation training

– Checking students’ physics, chemistry and biology copybooks

– Analysis of  history and personal management lessons

– Conducting exercises on LOCKDOWN and fire safety