-Documents acceptance of applicants on awarding  “Orken” educational grant of the First President of Kazakhstan  and the Nation Leader

– Holding mock test  for 10 grade students

– Seminar for teachers on studying the training programs and  assessment system

– Pedagogical Council

– Dissemination of experience

– Joint meeting of methodical departments for planning and drawing lessons on cross-cutting themes, selection of strategies and methods, forms of evaluation

– Conducting integrated lessons

– Conducting open lessons on formative assessment

– Organization and holding of the Regional Forum on the “Action Research” project

– Week of Kazakh language

– Week of Russian language

– Math Olympiad

– School anniversary

– Week of intellectual clubs

– “Scientific Thursday” project

– TEDx conference

– “100  Kazakh songs” competition

– The budgetary application for 2018-2020 academic year.

– Checking the students copybooks on L1, L2, L3

– Analysis on  chemistry and biology lessons

– Meeting of  school parental committee

– Conducting exercises on LOCKDOWN and fire safety