-CIS visit

-Mock examination for 10-12 grade students

– Dissemination of experience

– Seminar for teachers on studying educational  programs and  assessment systems

– Joint meeting of methodical departments for planning and drawing lessons on cross-cutting themes, selection of strategies and methods, forms of evaluation

– Conducting integrated lessons

– Conducting open lessons on formative assessment

– Week of chemistry

– Week of ICT

– Checking class registers

– Courses for new teachers

– Open Day

– TEDx conference

– “ Zerde”  scientific project contest

– Meeting with University representatives

– Seminar for librarians of comprehensive schools of South Kazakhstan

– Parents meeting on the results of 1 term

– “Bookcrossing”

– Meeting with lawyers (boarding school)

– “Scientific Thursday” project

– The week devoted to the Day of the First President

– Youth forum (in cooperation with the Karatau city hall)

– School sports contest

– Shanyrak forum

– Planned and control inventory of the school properties

– Checking students’ math copybooks

– Analysis on  Kazakh and Russian language lessons

– Meeting of  school parental committee

– Additional warming of air ducts of channels and mines in not heated rooms with biostable and fireproof heater

– Conducting exercises on LOCKDOWN and fire safety