– Knowledge Day

– Approval of CTP, department plans, elective courses, cabinets’ passports

– Formation of tariffs, staffing

– Conducting start sections for all subjects, compiling a “Map of weak students” based on analysis of control sections

-Drawing up of a schedule for holding TSA and ISA, development, loading and external examination of materials of TSA, ISA

– Monitoring of educational achievements of 7-12 grades students’ on Mathematics

– Monitoring of educational achievements of 7th grade students’ on languages

– Dissemination of experience

– Courses for new teachers to familiarize them with the curriculum and the assessment system

– Identification of horizontal and vertical links according to NIS program by coordinators, scheduling and conducting integrated lessons

– Control on the design of class registers

– Joint meeting of methodical departments for planning and drawing lessons on cross-cutting themes, selection of strategies and methods, forms of evaluation

– Virtual school

– Week of trilingualism

-1st stage of President Olympiad

– Professional orientation meetings

– Work of groups on self-estimation

– Parents meetings (7-12 classes)

– Adaptation program for grade 7 students

– Safety and health month

– Relay race for the parents of boarding school students

– Presentation of extracurricular activities and clubs

-Conformation of working curriculum, tariffs for 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 academic years

– Collection, conformation and formation of the budget application for 2018-2020

– Holding an induction for new students as well as those the ones accepted from the reserve

– Anti-terrorist preparation and doctrines on fire safety

– Holding an induction with new students of NIS

– Meeting of school parental committee

– Conducting trainings on LOCKDOWN and fire safety

– Analysis of the state of teaching of  Science subjects in English

– Analysis of the state of teaching of new teachers