For parents

The working plan of parental committee for 2017-2018 academic year

Mission of school

To provide quality education, to bring up the intellectual personality of high moral values, with critical thinking skills, promoting culture of healthy living, being intent on self development and creativity for the benefit of the future of Kazakhstan and the world community.

The Aim:

Assistance to school and families with mainstream education, students’ upbringing, oriented on high moral values, intercultural understanding and serving their country

Priority tasks:

  • Promoting cooperation between school and parental committee ;
  • Promoting school’s image through publishing articles and parents’ feedback in mass media;
  • Organizing events on supporting students from low-income families;
  • Further assistance the leadership of the Intellectual school:
  • In enhancement of the material-technical base, improving conditions for educational process, protecting the life and health of students;
  • In organization and carrying out school-wide educational activities.

Expected outcomes:

  • Increasing relationship between school and parents’ association;
  • Increasing level of engagement of parents in school life;
  • Promoting school’s image;
  • Increasing level of satisfaction of parents with the content of educational activities in school;
  • Enhancing the competence of parents as well as psychological- pedagogical culture
  • Assistance will be provided for students from low-income families.

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Content Date Responsible Final document
Organizational posts
· Conducting parent-teacher meetings. Establishment of school’s parental committee September



Berdikeyeva D.

·  Creating of work plan for 2017-2018 academic years September


members of PC plan
· To appoint lecturers among parents September

during the year


Chairman of parental


Eltayeva B.A.


list of lecturers
· Establishing the endowment fund and supporting students from low-income families November

during the year

Chairman of parental


Eltayeva B.A.

members of PC


· Searching for sponsors and enhancing the material-technical facilities during the year


members of PC report
· Progress report of PC through the year on the school wide parent meeting September Chairman of parental


Eltayeva B.A..

· Work planning for 2018-2019 academic year June members of PC plan project


Educational activity
· Organization workshops for students and parents on issues of education, health care, safety and delinquency prevention once in a term Onlasbekova N. report


· Organization of PC meetings termly Chairman of parental


Eltayeva B.A..


· Supervision of the arrangements of school meal during the year


Zhakipova G. acts of quality inspection committee


· Assistance in schools’ preparation for accreditation September November members of PC report
· Participating of PC members in staff meetings, school councils during the year


members of PC report


· Organization of the round table meeting with the participation of school leadership team, parental committee and students committee January Berdikeyeva D.

members of PC

report minute
· Parents’ engagement in education and development of their children:

– conducting co-operative lessons, curator’s hours

– participating in a project “Smart Thursday”

-conversation with students about their jobs

-conducting interest clubs


according to the plan


members of PC Zhumadullayeva K.


video and photo of a programme



Mass cultural events
· Assistance in conducting of cultural events:

·         Knowledge Day

·         Teacher’s Day

·         Charity campaign

·         Day of the first president of RK

·         Independence day

·         New Year

·         School’s Birthday

·         Women’s Day

·         Nauryz

·         Defender’s Day

·         Victory Day

·         Farewell Bell

·         Graduation party

·         Children’s Day

·         Social projects and practice

·         Sporting events

·         project “28 loops”

during the year


Yeltayeva B.

Aytzhanova P..


video-photo materials
· Organisationa and holding the competition between united teams of parents, students and teachers of NIS PhM and NIS ChB Shymkent, republic school Zhas Ulan January Aytzhanova P..

Shamshiev M.

video-photo materials


· Publication of articles, parents’ feedback about school’s activity in mass media (city, regional, republican press, site Accords) during the year Ibragimova N. articles, feedback in mass media
· Organization of Clubs’ activity:

-«Father’s club»

-«Darling ladies»

– Club «Financial Success»

– Club “28 loops”

during the year Onlasbekova N.

Zhumanova A.

Taskinbayeva G.

Duysebay T.

video-photo materials