Deputy Director for Academic Affairs

Higher education. MKTU them Yasavi, 1995.

Specialty: teacher of physics and computer science

Participation in advanced training courses:
1. “Value-oriented unity of the pedagogical collective: diagnostics and design”. Shymkent, September 26-27, 2013
2. “New media technologies in teaching”. Sigapur, November, 2013
3. “In-depth study of the subjects of mathematics and physics and the Olympiad preparation of students” Shymkent, November 15-December 14, 2013
4. “CLIL”, Cambridge, September, 2014
5. “Advanced training course under the program of the third basic level”. Shymkent, June 23 – December 26, 2014.
6. “Code of Business Ethics”, Shymkent, February 2014.

Scientific and methodical works:
1. Publication in the journal “Zhasyn” “New media technologies in training,” 2014
2. Scientific and methodical brochure “New media technologies in teaching”, 2014
3. Publication in the journal “Zhasyn” “A reflection on formative assessment and criteria based assessments” 2014

4. E-mail: